About Me

The best developer I've worked with

- Elon Musk

One day I decided to stop not knowing how to code.

A few months passed and now I consider myself a developer.

So... here I am.

I'm really good at coding. I'm also really good at writing.

(One of the two statements above is not true).

Anyway, I'm always learning. Trying new things. And catching up with more talented people.

Also, I'm very handsome. While I'm not learning or working, I'm at the gym training those abs. My hope is to one day be like The Rock.

In the meantime, I'll try to help other people, become a millionaire, and probably raise a family.

But who knows?

The only thing you should know about me and that really matters is that I LOVE THE INTERNET!

Everything it stands for is what I believe in (like piracy, wasting time, damaging dopamine receptors, etc.)

My humor is not the best but at least I'm different. And that's enough for me.

By the way, here are some of the things I'll try to do with this blog:

  1. Write technical articles
  2. Write about my experiences as a coder
  3. Write book reviews or analyzes about books I like
  4. Write stories
  5. Write in general

So, are you interested?